Who Has The Best Burger Sauce? (Taste Test)

today we sauce and on let's talk about that good mythical morning no back we were kids if you went to a place like McDonald's and you wanted to you know mix it up a little bit with your nugs you might be able to get barbecue sauce you might

be able to get some special sauce on your Big Mac but I mean I still remember the day when they introduced sweet and sour sauce and I was my mind was absolutely blown but besides that if you wanted something more experimental you were Sol sauce adalah okay but

today we're living in a fast food salsa sauce I mean me it's an Enlightenment of all types of sauces all over the place and not just dipping sauce I'm talking about on the sandwich sauces too so what we've done is we have gathered the best signature fast food

sauces out there and today actually over the next three days we're going to determine the best of the best by category introducing the first ever three-day premier bracket competition to name the best fast food sauce your local delivery window offers a daring delight of squeezable spreads a titillating

tussle of tangy toppings a fiery fight of finishing flavors it's time for food well I'm lightheaded when we say signature fast-food sauce we're not talking about just the basic sauces that everybody has we're definitely not talking about ketchup cow we're talking about unique sauces with original recipes and

you know they're highlighted they're promoted by these fast-food restaurant menus and today we're doing burger sauces but hey wait like link said this is three days tomorrow we're doing chicken sauces and then Wednesday we're doing fry sauce yes and so to kick things off we want to thank

you for helping determine the contestants for today and every single day we posted and you voted on your favorites in fact 33 thousand votes which determine which sauces were eliminated from the competition before it even started and which ones made our bracket so our contenders today are McDonald's

Big Mac special sauce jack-in-the-box Jack's secret sauce Wendy's side of salsa Moss Shake Shack Shack sauce Arby's Arby's sauce Arby's horsey sauce in and out spread Whataburger creamy pepper sauce rounding out the brackets and then the sauce left standing will be the undisputed ultimate goop to squirt on

your meat so we got McDonald's Big Mac sauce and the number one seed versus Jack in a box Jack's secret sauce over here and you may notice that these are control burgers that's right since we're focusing on sauce we just are gonna eat all of them on plain

old burger well I don't want any from IHOP I don't want to diss IHOP I'm just saying they're all the same all right so listen let's start with this is the old standby nothing but a burger and the sauce been around since 1967 dink it and sink it

right now 1968 now the official recipe is a guarded secret but we know it's got mayo sweet pickle relish yellow mustard white wine vinegar garlic powder onion powder and paprika mmm okay you taking a second bite welcome I could pace yourself all right and let's move on over

here to the jack-in-the-box underdog it's a red sauce looking at this I would have just told you this is like a weird type of marinara okay I told you what we have a long list of ingredients but interestingly enough it includes less than 2% of a1 steak sauce

Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce all registered like a sauce you make it your own house with just other stuff pretty subtle sweet tangy it's not a bad sauce but there's something superb about the Big Mac sauce because you've got that mayonnaise based I think you need that creaminess

on a burger jackin the-box secret sauce we got to give it the patented sauce toss I'll do the honors this time yeah no look oh you know what you're all I'm did I come up short you did and Big Mac sauce who's on next we have windy side

of saw some sauce versus Shake Shack Shack sauce now this sauce was first offered alongside the chicken tenders at Wendy's and then they decided to start putting it on the sauce some baking classic burger as a limited menu item it tastes like Catalina salad dressing to me hmm

no oh it's better on the burger than just tasting it alone that's not a bad sauce but yes that's surprising shake check check sauce which is hard to say because I want to say Shake Shack Shack Shosh it's very reminiscent of the Big Mac sauce in color is

taken excused room but it doesn't have the the pickles it's got a pinch of cayenne pepper in it it has a Dijon mustard in it that you can taste mmm gives it a little bit of a twist this Catalina ripoff starts to compete too much it doesn't prop

up the burger and I really like that I could tell this is made for fries and somebody got cute that's just what I'm saying man this is not easy for me definitely not easy this does feel like it should be married to something else or maybe salad you

want to give it to sauce toss I'm fine with moving the shack sauce all right look oh you were a little short as well okay Shake Shack sauce moves on check that quality if you're curious about the mythical Society well you can check it out for free as

an initiate a check out the free app that is available in the iOS and Google Play Store download it over there to learn all about what's HAP mythical society yeah check it out okay this is the match of the big hat Arby's does not serve burgers at all

so at least it's a civil war of but beef between buns beef between buns and they put some sauce on that stuff Arby's sauce versus horsey sauce maybe maybe we'll discover something here that it should be artist should add one more thing to their menu and it should

be a burger that is odd that makes me think that you haven't had it before make sure you stink you got an Arby's guy I know that it's um it's very vinegary it's kind of light roast beef it's watery you're scared of roast beef you told me this

one time I got sick when I ate a roast beef sandwich at Hardee's when I was a kid and it's been ingrained ever since yeah this is this may be a new way for me to get back into it now this is my burger horseradish in it whoo

and not just a little it's got a wasabi type sensation you know I'm a big fan of a lot of things you know that does not many things I don't like horseradish I understand why some people love it but I just have never really been able to run

my mouth from my mouth around it my mouth my mouth I can't get my mouth around it come a mouth cave smell but you are gonna take another bite because your rat mm-hmm you're gonna give it all the chance you can and we just get rid of all

the Arby's options well that kind of throws off the whole tournament nature of this but sure screw it let's do it home no let's do it but I want I want Arby's sauce to go forward I like it better than the horsey sauce oh so close closest yet

Arby's sauce moves on okay now we got in and out spread versus Whataburger creamy pepper sauce this is a good match believe these two came together because it's just happenstance that we got the to seat in the four seed you got the you got the California favorite you

got the texas favorite well seven seed over here we've talked so much trash about water burger throughout the years in and out spread starts on the burger but then you can also get it on fries unchanged since 1948 I'm not just saying that because I live in California

you just licked in someone on your crotch yeah dude you know okay no shame in net no shame on getting the little sauce on your crunch it tastes good off the crotch this sauce is sort of just sort of splat and just on top there it's very watery

but it must be good because they freaking sell it on its own oh it's not many people who do that you're just leaked onto my ankle I mean yeah this is wrist up is runny make it thicker y'all put some xanthan gum in there mmm it's got a

kick I like though Wow mmm-hmm man I like the taste I hate the consistency what is this there's some vinegar in there there's some lemon juice buttermilk powder chipotle peppers and garlic there's a reason that this is being sold on its own cuz it's it's pretty magical it's

not mad it's magical enough to get to get it on yourself when you're trying to eat it I don't like that well it's childproof I'm voting for the Whataburger sauce even though I am I'm on record against water burger and I ain't changing that I don't understand why

you think it's that great I'm sorry it's great enough to vote for though I'm voting for the sauce I'm voting for this Louis okay so that means we got to bring out the patty what are we calling this so this is a burger slab you each have a

patty okay new it whichever man let me see your Oh like that yeah you just you slap each other with a high-five right and then whoever's got more meat left is the winner okay great do what well that's not gonna work three two one all right shoulder helps

your shoulder burger count I think that's my burger on your shoulder so I don't know if the shoulder burger count Jonas no it doesn't only this I'll hold this out that's yours on top of mine there there isn't this the same amount of meat man cuz mine goes

longer that way and then yours goes longer that way but then mine stuck to your shoulder this isn't your burger that's my burger it's my shoulder I know that at least alright let's slap again three two one alright so here's mine okay I think you won that one

Whataburger moves on and give that in and out a sauce toss we got burger everywhere I listen this pains me to get rid of in and out sauce we got first semi-final match we got Big Mac sauce and then the shake chat saw a lot of pickles in

this Big Mac sauce I feel good it really gives it a pickle II punch it's still good which is nice no discernible pickles here on the Shake Shack Shack sauce they got some of that Dijon mustard there's a kosher dill pickle in brine in this Shake Shack is

my favorite burger and my favorite burger at Shake Shack is the smokestack might be the Smoke Shack Smoke Shack he has a sauce on it and I absolutely love it yeah i'ma go just sauce on the finger sauce on the finger I mean they're the exact same color

profile so pickle forward on the Big Mac Shake Shack is thicker and it's it's the same except for a solution has a little more Dijon ish and that has a little more piccoli and I like pickles more than Dijon and I like I like the you can do

it the pickle bumps relish I like the pickle bumps so we're gonna toss I'm having so many brain farts right yes what is this if I can't talk I can hear the gears turn copy Shake Shack Shack sauce is getting the shack toss now we've got Arby's Arby's

sauce versus what a burger creamy pepper sauce and the Arby's sauce gives the sauce toss and the lot of burger creamy pepper sauce luzon so right now it's final time and the other dog the Cinderella story the 7th see what a burger creamy pepper sauce is facing off

against the number one Big Mac special sauce complete with the pickle bumps I don't even I don't have to taste this again right now because I know how much I love it I just got to have an ankle free experience with the water burger sauce I mean look

at that I got to hold it out over here immediately dripping but when you taste it it grabs your tongue and it won't let go but it's just it's a gentle grab I like the flavor now unlike the kick are you like a kick I like the kick

but I don't like running this man it really is good there's a texture man I would think that yeah you would have some appreciation from my texture problems are we going with sweet and pickle are we going with spicy and runny running not a great descriptive I don't

know what a burger really has surprised us I'm gonna have to leave this up to you man because I just don't think that you can do better than the Big Mac special sauce I think they got it right I just think it can't be overdone overdone outdone well

I'm honored to find myself in this position and don't take the decision lightly Whataburger creamy pepper your runny baby you get this stas make it thicker oh we didn't get one but what we can do doo-doo-doo-doo wow you one look at that ladies and gentlemen big mac special

sauce that is totally secret and fun with pickle bumps wins best sauce for burgers wraps all right come back tomorrow we're gonna find the best chicken dip in salt thanks for subscribing and clicking that you know what time it is hi I'm study from Montreal Canada and I

just celebrated my birthday by donating to action against hunger and participating in gift Akala tea and now it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality alright thank you for being your mythical best click the top link to watch us open and review ridiculous fast-food burger come and find

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